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Фітнес та здоровье Здоров’я та фітнес
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Connect…Communicate…Collaborate with C3Healthlink, the personal health App that helps you get and stay healthy. With C3, you can manage your medications and nutritional supplements, set goals and monitor progress, and keep track of how you are feeling through the C3 Daily Survey. But C3 is more than a health monitor. Use the HIPAA-compliant invitation function to build and communicate with a personalized care team. Invite your doctors, nurses, therapists, trainers, and your loved ones – to form a collaborative team focused on your your health & wellness with weekly reports and secure messaging. Plus, you can integrate data from your wireless devices like activity trackers, electronic scales, blood pressure cuffs, and soon glucose monitors. Whether you are fit and healthy, or you are dealing with a chronic illness, or if you just want to lose a little weight, C3 is the the App for Health and Wellbeing.